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Access control in Hull is a crucial aspect for businesses, apartment buildings and other properties that require high security measures in Hull. To ensure that your premises remains secure, it is recommended that access control systems be installed. These systems provide diverse benefits and can be customized to meet specific needs, providing security measures tailored exactly to suit the environment of your property. 

With an access control system in place, you can be sure that you are protecting the occupants and assets of your premises from potential risks and intruders. The variety of features available in an access control system, including biometric verification, key fobs, and card readers, ensure that you have the option to choose the best security measure that suits your needs. Trust us to provide top-quality installations and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your premises are secure.

We offer a range of Access control in Hull solutions, including:

  1. Biometric access control: Biometric access control uses unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to verify identity. This type of access control is highly secure and can prevent unauthorized access to your property.

  2. Key fob access control: Key fob access control uses electronic key fobs to grant access to your property. These key fobs can be programmed to provide access to specific areas or at certain times, providing an added layer of security.

  3. Card reader access control: Card reader access control uses electronic card readers to grant access to your property. These cards can be programmed to provide access to specific areas or at certain times, making them an excellent option for businesses with multiple employees.

  4. Intercom access control: Intercom access control uses an audio or video intercom system to verify identity before granting access to your property. This type of access control is highly customizable and can be integrated with other security systems, such as CCTV cameras or alarms.

Access Control - Why Choose Us

Locksmiths Hull can help you keep your property safe. We understand that every property is different, so we will make a plan for your specific needs and budget. Our team of experts can help you choose the best access control system for your property and quickly install it. We also offer other security solutions like cameras, alarms, and strong locks. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can protect your property.

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Access control in hull

Paxton Access Control

Paxton Access Control is an electronic security system that enables users to restrict entry to a building or specific areas within a building by using electronic credentials, such as key cards or fobs. Paxton Access Control is designed to be a safe and easy way to manage access to a building, ensuring that only authorized personnel enter certain areas.

The system operates by utilizing electronic readers to review the qualifications of authorized users and allow entrance through locked doors or gates. Paxton Access Control can be personalized to meet the unique needs of any building or organization, with alternatives available for varying levels of security and access constraints.

Paxton Access Control systems are widely used in commercial and industrial buildings, as well as in government and educational facilities, to provide secure access control and monitoring. The system can be combined with other security systems, such as CCTV and alarm systems, to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Standalone Access Control

A standalone access control system is a security system that works by itself, without needing to connect to other devices. It has a reader, a lock, and a control unit for one door or gate. This system is often used in small places like homes or small businesses, where you need a simple and cheap way to control who comes in. You can install and set up the system easily using a keypad or card, to let only the right people in. Some standalone systems also have extra features like keeping track of time or connecting to alarms or cameras. Even though standalone systems are not as flexible as larger systems, they are still a good way to control access in one area at a low cost.



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